Kasteli-Kissamos – Gramvousa Island – Balos Bay

Price: €10E + €28 Boat tickets

The day starts with a driving to the north coast towards the town Kasteli-Kissamos, which lies in the very west of Crete.

From there we will sailing around the peninsula of Gramvousa. First we visit the Gramvouda island with the Venetian fortress at an altitude of 137 meters, from there you can enjoy breathtaking views on all four parts of the world. Here is the place where meet three seas and make unique shades are formed in the water from light turquoise to dark blue, here you can see up to 17 different shades in the water.

After Gramvousa we will go with you on a boat to Balos Bay to enjoy a swiming in the amazing lagoon, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches not only on Crete, but all over the world. Snowless sand, sometimes acquiring a pink shade- these you will see in this realy fabulous lagoon. It is a truly heavenly place that will not leave anyone indifferent!

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